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I get them a glass of water. Open the hand and give me the sweet sweet crumb as if a god as if the wind as if the burning dew as if never hear open the hand and give me the sweet dirty crumb or give me perhaps the tender heart that sustains you. I keep his book in my satchel. And kind of falsely Shining with the return of spring. Walking in the garden for an hour Is not a solution. His eyes were liquid, kind. His fetlocks puffed from galloping, his tail curled upward From the joy of feeling fleet across the tinted grasslands And the gold savannahs there.

Mary Oliver

Do you find me colorful as well? When I am touched, brushed, and measured, I think of myself As a painting. The artist works no matter the lack of sleep. I am made Beautiful. I never eat. I once bothered with a man who called me Snack, Midnight Snack to be exact. Every morning without thinking I open my notebook and see if something might have grown in me during the night. Usually, no. But sometimes a tendril tries a crack in my consciousness and if I remain only indirectly aware of it and tether my attention to the imminent and perhaps ultimately unseeable sun, sometimes it will grow.

All the world is moving, even sand from one shore to another is being shuttled. I live my life half afraid, and half shouting at the trains when they thunder by. This letter to you is both. I want to be the blade striking knotted brown, to kiss the nape of any hunger; American beautyberry or rutted cane, warm branch of man pinning me here in mute study. Once a beauty, full figured, beloved And then a fever, sweats, water vomited Until the body gave out.

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By Andrea K. The Holiday Crossword: in Politics. By Natan Last. Andrea taught me to ride sidesaddle. I rode in small and dizzying circles around her. I rode around her in small and dizzying circles. Past the mirror and past the mirror where, one summer, she was reared off by a stallion attacking his own flaring reflection.

Oh, yes, I got, also, the feeling of sorrow and suffering, but dominating them, always riding above all, was noble. No woman has so affected me to the extent you did. I was only a little lad. I knew absolutely nothing about you. Yet in all the years that have passed I have met no woman so noble as you. The Poet.

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    Constitution and by-laws of the Bohemian club of San Francisco. Bohemian Club. Coolbrith was second of the four women given honorary membership in the club. The first honorary female member was Margaret B.