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You may recognise that several of these situations can be difficult even if you don't stammer.

How to stop or reduce stuttering: Management tips

Someone who stammers may be especially concerned at these times about how people will react to their stammering, and may feel huge pressure to be or appear 'fluent'. Some people have even put off marrying because they are anxious about saying their vows. Download them here or order physical copies for free here.

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Stammering is not about nervousness or shyness. Skip to main navigation Skip to main content. About Stammering. Talking With Someone Who Stammers.

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Don't go there. And definitely don't make the joke: 'Did you forget your name? Maintain natural eye contact, listen, and wait until the person has finished speaking. Let the speaker know you are listening. Stammering varies. What should I do when this happens? With her voice cracking and her eyes diverting from mine, I could tell that these were hard questions for my friend to ask.

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  7. I smiled, and thanked her for asking. These were really good questions. I find that society has come a long way in its interpretation and acceptance of stuttering, but subtle well-intentioned assumptions still remain. As a person who stutters and speech-language pathologist, I am frequently asked the following questions.

    The person is really struggling. I know exactly what they are going to say.

    6 tips to keep in mind when talking to someone who stutters

    They are trying so hard to get the words out. It depends. Some people find it helpful when others finish their sentence, but many want to finish it themselves. This may mean having to wait a few seconds for them to say the word even though you know exactly what they are intending to say. Stuttering is different from a word finding disfluency that we all often have.

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    We refer to this as a language block, as opposed to stuttering, which is a speech block. In the case of a language block, it is helpful to have someone finish your sentence. This is NOT stuttering. Should I maintain eye contact with the person while they are stuttering?

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    It is polite to maintain eye contact with others as they speak, and there should be no exception for someone who stutters. One of the first skills we practice in therapy is eye contact because it helps increase confidence, decrease mind reading, and is a good communication strategy.

    Many listeners break eye contact with the person who stutters for fear of making them uncomfortable. But breaking eye contact may send the vibe that you are uncomfortable with the stuttering. People who stutter will often break eye contact when they are in a disfluency. In this case, it is up to you how you respond. I advise communication partners to maintain eye contact with the person who stutters, even if the person themselves breaks eye contact.

    This helps let the person who stutters know that when they are ready to practice eye contact, they have a supportive person who is listening to them and comfortable with their disfluencies. This might make it uncomfortable for them. This is a tough one that depends heavily on the person.

    Resources for People who Stutter

    Some people, especially early on in therapy, are very resistant to talking openly about stuttering. Some people, however, do want to talk about it but are unsure of how and when to bring it up. Stuttering is often the elephant in the room that everyone notices, but no one knows how to address. If you have a burning question, ask it!

    Approach it in an inquisitive, curious way. This is encouraging to them right?

    Stuttering and Advice For Parents

    It is great that you decided to rejoin the therapy after six months. There was over twenty people in that group, but only five people from that group are present now, which is great. Those are actually the people with the largest desire, motivation and just tell us where did you find that desire and strength to work, to practice.

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    It is just the satisfaction we talked about during our first meeting. Biljana : What I learned here is to put the focus on breathing, and I never focused on it before.